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tree surgery

Our friendly team can help you if you are worried about overgrown trees or hedges on your property, or if a tree is too close to your house.

We cover all aspects of tree surgery in the Maidenhead area, including:

tree felling

  • tree removal

  • useful if a tree is too close to your house, is blocking light, or is unsightly

stump grinding

  • stump removal

  • mechanically grinds down a tree stump and turns it into sawdust

crown thinning

  • reduces the amount of foliage

  • lets more light filter through branches into your garden or property

crown lifting

  • removes lower branches

  • eliminates any low level branches obstructing driveways and paths

crown reduction

  • overall size of the tree is reduced by shortening outer branches

  • removes overgrown branches pressing against other trees, roofs, guttering and buildings

hedge trimming

  • book our experienced team to maintain your hedges

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to request a quote.

horse chestnut tree before and after crown reduction:

Maidenhead tree surgery - crown reduction before and after
Maidenhead tree surgery - crown reduction before and after

hedge trimming:

Maidenhead hedge trimming - tch landscapes ltd

stump grinder:

Stump grinder

crown thinning:

tch landscapes ltd - tree surgeons in Maidenhead


We also offer a full range of landscaping services including garden design, planting and lawncare. To discuss your needs or request a quote please contact us today.

before landscaping

Before landscaping

after landscaping

After landscaping

garden ground works

Garden ground works

tree surgery, stump grinding, landscaping, garden design, planting and lawn care in Maidenhead, Berkshire, and surrounding areas

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